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Steinhardt Handwritten

I’m off to the Netherlands over the Easter holidays as it happens—if I wasn’t, I’d be using the last three weeks in April to touch-up my Main Document but this’ll probably have to be put off to the spare hours of weekends in May, June and July. If I get the Main Document thing out of the way, finalised, proofread and published, I might be spending my summer developing a 'full' typeface of my handwriting: for now, I’ll call it Steinhardt Handwritten. I’m not intending for it to have any serious application; it’s just a little fun and a chance for me to gain some experience in typographic design and also working with applications like FontForge.


Handmade & Bound

Do come down to Handmade & Bound on Sunday (Sunday 21st November) if you can: St Aloysius Social Club, central-north London (just Google it; you’ll find it alright) … 12:00–18:00. Have a Facebook event anchor. Here’s to a hopefully successful book/’zine fair of sorts … free entry, too.